_learning laboratory

_give me a laboratory and i will raise the world
_bruno latour

_without doubt, learning is one of the most important and primordial skills of the man. through learning, the man in a way stores (and then orders) the knowledge and skills in their brain. but there is more to learning than just acquiring knowledge and skills. to learn (consciously and intentionally or unconsciously and unintentionally) is to modify oneself.

_at present we can talk of a certain type of explosion of knowledge on learning. above all, this is caused by the development of neurosciences, linked to the creation of (non-invasive) methods of examining the human brain in the recent years. what is more, research into learning is also stimulated by technological development to a large extent, e.g. the widespread and mobile character of technological solutions encourages one to seek strategies for supporting learning by the man with technology.

_it is desirable to connect these two areas, and so, to run interdisciplinary studies in neuroscience paradigms into innovative methods of supporting learning with new technologies. this is what we do in our lab at adam mickiewicz university, poznan.

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