_our current research projects:

_polish pie project: pedagogical innovations in polish education. supporting teachers’ competences in bilingual and multilingual environments – international cooperation in pedagogical innovation in education co-founded by the European Union implemented in 2022-2024 by michalina kasprzak, michal klichowski, hanna krauze-sikorska, tomasz przybyla and agnieszka rosciszewska

_clil network for languages in education: towards bi- and multilingual disciplinary literacies (clilnetle) – european cooperation in science and technology grant (CA21114) implemented in 2022-2026 by michalina kasprzak

 critical arts education for sustainable societies (care/ss) – international cooperation in socially engaged arts, co-founded by the european union implemented in 2022-2024 by michalina kasprzak

_advancing social inclusion through technology and empowerment – european cooperation in science and technology grant (ca 19104) implemented in 2020-2024 by tomasz przybyla and michal klichowski

_dynamics of placemaking and digitization in europe´s cities – european cooperation in science and technology grant (ca 18204) implemented in 2019-2023 by agnieszka rosciszewska

_european network on brain malformations (neuro-mig) – european cooperation in science and technology grant (ca 16118) implemented in 2017-2021 by michal klichowski and tomasz przybyla


_we use in our lab mobile eeg setup from neurosky (this equipment was purchased from scholarship for young outstanding scientists funded by the ministry of science and higher education in poland [0049/E-336/STYP/11/2016] and awarded to michal klichowski) and medical neurofeedback apparatus from thought technology.

_we also use many other tools for testing behavioral effects of learning.


_cidate – citizen science in understanding and transforming the territory research group at lusofona university of humanities and technologies (portugal)

_volodymyr vynnychenko central ukrainian state pedagogical university

_institute for school pedagogy at university of rostock (germany)

_department of team sport games at university school of physical education in wroclaw

_action and cognition laboratory at adam mickiewicz university, poznan

_department of didactics of physical activity at poznan university of physical education

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